Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I am pretty sure everyone who reads this knows the big news-I am engaged! I am so excited, i could die. I will obviously use this blog as a way to bounce ideas off of you guys. So, hopefully my posting frequency will increase. For my first wedding related post I will include a picture of the ring. It is a halo set solitaire with small diamonds on the band and then there are two wedding bands that go on either side of the engagement ring. When we started getting serious Julian asked me what i wanted and all i told him is that i would like something low profile and i really like halo settings. since he had no clue what any of that meant he turned to my little sister for guidance, but still emailed me pictures of a few rings just to get an idea what i liked and to see if he was on the right track and there were a few of those that i really liked, but of course he wouldn't tell me what he got. I didn't know that he got this one, but this is the one that made my heart jump. I love it. this is the ring with the two bands- sorry it is not very clear, it is a cell phone my bathroom

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I didn't sign up for this

Yesterday evening I bought my first pregnancy test.

Before you jump to conclusions about my morality and "skanky ho" factor let's rewind to yesterday afternoon, approx 2pm. It was seventh period and I was pacing up and down each aisle of desks helping the students with their assignment. I am pretty sure that i said, "The number of neutrons is the mass number minus the atomic number" at least 325 times this week, but i digress. As i was helping one student, we will call her Felicia she said, "Miss, can I talk to you about something?" So, after class she came behind my desk with me and tears immediately began to fill her eyes as she told me that her period was four days late. I asked her if she had talked to the counselors or her mom yet. She doesn't live at home and I "am the only adult she trusts." She then asked me if I would get her a pregnancy test and of course I said yes.

So, last night after FHE I told Julian that i needed to go and take care of something for a student. When I told him what was going on he said, okay then, let's go.... so julian and I stood in front of a row of pregnancy test trying to figure out which one to buy, decided that the digital one would be best and picked up some tampons on the way to the self check out (for me of course, seems a little ironic in retrospect.)

Things I learned:

*i am insanely grateful for the choices that i have made and that i will never have to wait those agonizing three minutes

*i am grateful that i can be there for at least one of my students

*i love julian ray cavazos...big time! and for that, here is a picture of us at the ward trunk-o-treat with ava (she was a mouse) julian was himself....i mean a nerd

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We're tryin' it again

Time after time i have read articles in magazines and online telling me to stop washing my hair everyday and i just can't manage to bring myself to do it for more than a week(washing every other day.) I am not really sure why i have such i hard time with it, but i suspect is has to do with the fact that in middle school my mother had to tell me to shower on a regular basis and i once i moved passed that phase i never even wanted to toe the line. However, recently my hair has gotten very dry for some unknown reason. I straighten it no more often and i haven't taken to chemical treatments or blow drying. Of course this problem led me to the internet and google has once again told me to stop washing my hair. So, here i am on the first day of not washing and i want to freak out, and yes i showered and rinsed my hair like they suggest-it is still gross.

Here is to a new adventure, we'll see how long i can do it for. i think i am going to go buy some dry shampoo right now.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Teaching Treasures

I am 2 class periods away from being a teacher for three full weeks (plus some change.) WHOA!!! I am not sure it is exactly what i expected, but i SWEAR i wasn't like most of these kids in high school. Of course, I do teach 6 classes of regular chemistry not the preAP or AP kids which i think would more closely represent my own experience. I have a few classes that i really like and of course i have a few that i have major problems with. I won't go into the bad details...
Today we are doing a lab with dry ice and it has been a bit crazy. During first period we couldn't get the experiment to work (put dry ice in a pipette and clamp the opening shut, as the ice sublimes the pressure increases and we get to the triple point and then POW, if you don't let go the pipette bursts.) then for second period i shanghaied some huge pipettes from the AP teacher...that worked of course, but they blew up all my pipettes even when i told them to release the pressure before it popped. well, the last two periods we seemed to have managed to get it to work with the small ones. It is kind of neat to see the kids get excited when they see the liquid CO2 and then POW-water flies in their face and they are soaking wet. So, that has been fun. If it weren't for the kids who always goof around i think we would do a lab every week.
In my second period class i have this boy who hits on me everyday. "Ms Haines, will you go to homecoming with me?" "You're hot! do you have a boyfriend? oh, well you will change your mind when you hear me play the guitar." Well, today we had a little extra time at the end of class so i let him play his guitar. He sang to me as he played, "Ms Haines.......Chemistry.....She is so beautiful...." It is so hard not to laugh my face off when he does things like that.
The first few weeks were hard, because i really had to be strict with the kids to get them to behave, but i think they are getting into the routine and we are starting to have a little is definitely getting better and less stressful.
ps i also have a colleague admirer too...he brought me cookies the other day. Don't worry though, J-Fizz is still my man:)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ode to Pumpkins

I haven't posted kitty pictures in a really long time. They all are of phineas because he is much more photogenic than reuben. I think it is because he has the white patches of fur to set off the grey, whereas reuben is just a solid indistinguishable grey form (but very very cute.) To make up for the lack of reuby-booby pictures let me just tell you how adorable he is. every morning as soon as my alarm goes off he starts crying for me "meow, meow, meow" and doesn't stop until i say to him "come here, dear." At this point he jumps on the bed and rubs his face against mine. What a wonderful way to wake up.

I call this one "yoga phinny." I left my mat out and when i came back in the room phineas was in child's pose on the mat.

In case you couldn't tell Reuben is on the left and phineas is the one with his eyes closed. They love to cuddle and look out the window.

"Phin in a Bin" Honestly, what is with cat's obsession with confined spaces? I recently found Phineas in the highest cabinet in the kitchen...with the door closed. I don't even know how he got up there, let alone in there.

I was painting my chairs and Phineas watched me the entire time...until he fell asleep.

Ava (age 2) said to me, "I like yours kitties." "Thanks, I like your kitty too." "NO!" Why can't I like your kitty?" "Because she's fat."

Go Fightin' Sandcrabs!!!!

Five months later and it finally happened. I am soon to be an employed member of society again. I got a teaching position at Calhoun High School, home of the sandcrabs, teaching five chemistry classes. I will likely start work on Tuesday after I fill out all of that paperwork business. I am so excited, a little nervous, but mostly excited. And just think-I might get to chaperon prom...

Now i need some teacher clothes.

ps those of you who know my password to things like this, feel free to change my layout, i am getting sick of it and i want something more interesting

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So, here are the pictures of Julian and I in Houston:

I look a little stoned in this one. Please keep in mind it was seventeen hundred degrees...celcius

At least my mommy loves me.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Houston, we have a problem

Once again my primary motivation for posting is the fact that i am slipping in allison's blog roll:

Yesterday, Julian and I drove up to Houston to the NASA space center. Umm, it is out of this world (forgive the pun.) Although it seems to be more geared toward children than adults, it was still pretty amazing. There were rocket engines, space station modules, and even a shuttle landing simulation (Julian crashed the shuttle.) I think the coolest part was the gigantic warehouse that holds parts of the Apollo rockets. Since you can get right up next to it you can really see how big those things are and the vast amount of engineering that goes into them...quite impressive really. All in all, it was a fantastic day and when i got home my kitties were very happy to see me.

ps Julian and I finally took a picture together. It is one of those "hold the camera out and smile in a way that makes my mommy proud" pictures, but still... I will post it later

Thursday, May 28, 2009

...I only said it would be worth it

Last Monday the Bishop's wife called me and asked me for a "huge favor." She told me about an inactive lady in our ward who had a sister who was dying of cancer. The family needed someone to stay the night with her to help her with anything that she might need. I said that I would be willing to help. Sister Monney told me a little about the circumstances of the family and the condition of the house, so I was slightly prepared for my experience but it turned out to be much different.

Suzie (the woman with cancer) was almost completely bed ridden and because of her size needed me to pull her out of bed to go the bathroom and even lift her legs up to put them back in. The cancer had made her so weak that getting out of bed to go to the bathroom took everything out of her and it took her about twenty minutes to catch her breath again. She lived in a trailer that was completely infested with cockroaches. They were climbing everywhere. On the walls, the floor...the bed. I would lay in the other bed in the room with her and wrap myself in the blanket, praying that the roaches wouldn't crawl on me and wishing someone was there with me to hold me. Just as I would start to fall asleep she would call for me to help her out of bed, wipe her, help her back into bed, and hold her hand as she prayed, "Dear Lord Jesus Christ, help me." By the time morning came tears were flooding my eyes, whether it was with pity or exhaustion I am not sure.

On Saturday at Cumorah's baptism Sister Monney told me that she had been by to see Suzie that morning and she had told her how much she loved me. I knew i needed to go see her. That afternoon I took some of the flowers that J* gave me for my birthday and my violin over to see her. In the days that had passed her condition had deteriorated considerably, her speech was slow and slurred and her eyes were blurry. I took out my violin and played for her. I have never played like that before. I really don't think that it was me playing. When I left I gave her a hug and she held my face in her hands and stroked my hair and said over and over, "you are my beautiful angel."

Sister Monney called me Monday morning and told me that Suzie had died Sunday morning. This has been the most humbling experience of my life. I am so grateful for my health, my family and mostly that I was able to share something with Suzie before she died. Really, every single dollar for lessons, every single minute of practice- it was all worth it for this, if nothing else.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It has been about a year now...

...and it feels great! I love Texas and I don't want to leave any time soon.

I recognize that I haven't posted in forever and I apologize. It is sad that what made me want to post was seeing my name slip to the bottom of Allison's blog list, but whatever it takes...

Things are good. I have decided to become a teacher (hopefully). Even though I love chemical engineering and I loved being one, during school I always thought it would be an amazing thing to be a teacher and maybe this is my opportunity to do that for myself. I think I will eventually go back to chemical engineering, but this seems like a good adventure. Plus, then I can stay in Victoria...

Yep, I have reason to stay in V-town :)

PS I have recently decided that I need to attend the Kentucky Derby before I die. And I do believe many of you need to come with me...with the hats and dresses, too.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I think I might start with the Inauguration of Obama... Honestly, I could care less. I didn't watch the speech or any part of the parade, and especially not the first dance at the Ball. I was in a meeting during the whole thing and yes, I read the address online so don't think I am un-American. I just don't care anymore, plus it is too late to offer any commentary on the address at this point in the game. However I will mention that I am annoyed and even gravely concerned with the celebrity that Obama has achieved. He is the president of the USA, not Hugh Jackman. Keep in mind he hasn't done anything yet. But this picture from the Inauguration really made me laugh. Can you guess why?

Here is a tid-bit of info that might be surprising to some of you (considering my father often refers to me as a Bolshevik): I voted for John McCain, and what is more, I voted for Ron Paul. Wrap your mind around that one, but yes it is true. Good ol' RP is my representative and he ran unopposed and I am just not one of those people.

J-Bell: Andrea mentioned the famous "happy noise" in conjunction with my previous post about Joshua Bell. I of course made that noise (again, very hard to describe unless you have heard a velociraptor recently), but it came at a very unexpected time. I was in the office of some of my co-workers talking about the Joshy and they were trying to convince me that some fiddler on you-tube was better. I made them watch some concert and the moment he walked out on the stage with the conductor, "ARAAGGHHAAAUUU!" Russell nearly fell out of his chair. It felt really good to have such a huge release of excitement, I am pretty sure I haven't 'happy noised' in at least 10 months. Anyway, the concert was beyond amazing. I have never heard anything as beautiful in my entire life and that fingered harmonics section was impeccable.

The job: let's say it like it is. This whole situation really sucks and there are a lot of unanswered questions that run through my mind constantly. I really thought that I would stay my whole career with Dow, obviously that is not the case anymore, but I still believe I was suppose to work here. This is my last week at work and even though I become more disenchanted with Dow everyday, I weep just thinking about leaving the people here. I am dreading saying those goodbye words at the safety meeting on Thursday.

My little dears: They are cuter than ever, especially now that Phineas' chlamydia infection has cleared up. I really love the mornings that I am home and I get to watch them play and wrestle. They have figured out that a really good "uncle" move is to bite your opponent between the legs. Boys will be boys. Over the last two days Phineas has destroyed two rolls of paper towels and swats at Reuben when he tries to get in on the fun. But when it is time to settle down they both love their mommy time that is full of cuddles and kisses.

Baby white tigers: I saw an alligator at the park yesterday and it made me feel like I am more of a baby jaguar kind of person. I think it might have been when the alligator was going for the snake but dropped it mid-meal. I don't know, I am still undecided. Actually, I think I am just insecure playing limbo at rollerskating rinks. Unless of course Sterling is there doing the Baby White Tiger.

Church: I love my callings, to the MAX!!! I love doing singing time. Those kids have the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. I will really miss them. Yesterday at church was pretty special. First, during sacrament Stormy grabs my shoe and takes a huge whiff of it. "Stormy, what the heck?" "What? it doesn't smell bad. But, let me tell you, don't smell Cumorah's! She barfed on hers on Friday." Then before sunday school I went out to my car to get my scriptures and it was a bit windy. My skirt definitely flew all the way up. It reminded me of the wonderful time in SLC with Sterling, except I wasn't as in tune with the spirit:) What a good sunday!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When through the deep waters I call thee to go-

Last year about this time I got a grant for my research from BYU and a job offer from DOW on the same day. Exactly one year from that day I am in a situation I never expected to be in, but because of the the many blessings that I have been given in my life I know that Heavenly Father will provide a way for me.

Fear not, I am with thee,
oh, be not dismayed,
For I am thy God, and will still give thee aid;
I’ll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand,
Upheld by My righteous, omnipotent hand.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All I have to do is dream-

Only three more sleeps! I can hardly stand it.