Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I am pretty sure everyone who reads this knows the big news-I am engaged! I am so excited, i could die. I will obviously use this blog as a way to bounce ideas off of you guys. So, hopefully my posting frequency will increase. For my first wedding related post I will include a picture of the ring. It is a halo set solitaire with small diamonds on the band and then there are two wedding bands that go on either side of the engagement ring. When we started getting serious Julian asked me what i wanted and all i told him is that i would like something low profile and i really like halo settings. since he had no clue what any of that meant he turned to my little sister for guidance, but still emailed me pictures of a few rings just to get an idea what i liked and to see if he was on the right track and there were a few of those that i really liked, but of course he wouldn't tell me what he got. I didn't know that he got this one, but this is the one that made my heart jump. I love it. this is the ring with the two bands- sorry it is not very clear, it is a cell phone my bathroom