Friday, June 27, 2008

things that kill me about texas

1. hogs*

2. roadkill*

3. i have a degree in "kimical engineering"

4. sacrament meeting is a little bit like country karaoke

5. people have rusted out process vessels in their front yards- seriously

6. i have to put on deodorant more than once a day

7. did you know that fire ant bites turn into things that look like pimples after a few hours? i do

8. BUGS!

9. chewing tobacco...someone actually offered me "a dip." can you believe that?

10. malt-o-meal's version of golden grahams has some weird sugar powder on it that makes it not quite as delicious and comforting, plus it leaves a weird aftertaste.

11. you can actually buy blonde bobby pins (this is one of those things that kills me in the best way possible)

12. church marquis: I think my favorite is at The Jesus Church that says, "TGIF: thank god i'm forgiven"

13. the complete lack of respect for conventions of the english language. yes, i don't use caps, but that is more of a statement (like e.e. cummings).

14. for the first time in my life i have to try not to swear. the operators in my unit use the most foul language (worse than melanie on the way to church, if you can believe that :D) and i am starting to think "that-a" way.

15. my hair has the most amazing amount of volume you can imagine.

16. i have no doubt that in this great state my little dear, hugh manatee, will make it to her final resting place at a demolition derby...may she rest in peace.

17. i miss my mommy

*these items can usually be combined, and we aren't talking a dead hog on the side of the road, it is more like a dead hog for 20 feet on the side of the road.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


a few years ago a friend of mine, brett bardsley, said something that has really impacted the last month and a half of my life. he said, "i couldn't make it through a day without my friends and i couldn't make it through an hour without my family." since leaving the safe haven of provo in may, i have never felt more scared, more broken, and more alone. but on the other hand it has taken for me to be completely alone in a strange place to realize how not alone i actually am. i have been so blessed in my life to meet and become friends with the most amazing people on earth. they have taken turns calling me, crying for hours with me, praying for me, and reminding me of the person that i used to be. i really couldn't have made it through a single day without them. plus, who else has friends that call you in the middle of the night and leave messages singing "total eclipse of the heart" for you to wake up to at 0300? pretty sure that would only be me.

then there is my family. anyone who has ever met them knows how amazing they are (and by that i mean amazingly hilarious, except nicholas.) brett was right when he said that he couldn't make it through an hour without family. I really couldn't. I just hope they will have mercy on me at the next family vote to see who is the funniest, considering my current circumstances, i fear i might not maintain my current reign on top spot...rachel has been ridiculously funny as of late.

a tribute to better times

printf ("Hello World!\n");

I want you to judge me...that, i can deal with.