Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I didn't sign up for this

Yesterday evening I bought my first pregnancy test.

Before you jump to conclusions about my morality and "skanky ho" factor let's rewind to yesterday afternoon, approx 2pm. It was seventh period and I was pacing up and down each aisle of desks helping the students with their assignment. I am pretty sure that i said, "The number of neutrons is the mass number minus the atomic number" at least 325 times this week, but i digress. As i was helping one student, we will call her Felicia she said, "Miss, can I talk to you about something?" So, after class she came behind my desk with me and tears immediately began to fill her eyes as she told me that her period was four days late. I asked her if she had talked to the counselors or her mom yet. She doesn't live at home and I "am the only adult she trusts." She then asked me if I would get her a pregnancy test and of course I said yes.

So, last night after FHE I told Julian that i needed to go and take care of something for a student. When I told him what was going on he said, okay then, let's go.... so julian and I stood in front of a row of pregnancy test trying to figure out which one to buy, decided that the digital one would be best and picked up some tampons on the way to the self check out (for me of course, seems a little ironic in retrospect.)

Things I learned:

*i am insanely grateful for the choices that i have made and that i will never have to wait those agonizing three minutes

*i am grateful that i can be there for at least one of my students

*i love julian ray cavazos...big time! and for that, here is a picture of us at the ward trunk-o-treat with ava (she was a mouse) julian was himself....i mean a nerd

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We're tryin' it again

Time after time i have read articles in magazines and online telling me to stop washing my hair everyday and i just can't manage to bring myself to do it for more than a week(washing every other day.) I am not really sure why i have such i hard time with it, but i suspect is has to do with the fact that in middle school my mother had to tell me to shower on a regular basis and i once i moved passed that phase i never even wanted to toe the line. However, recently my hair has gotten very dry for some unknown reason. I straighten it no more often and i haven't taken to chemical treatments or blow drying. Of course this problem led me to the internet and google has once again told me to stop washing my hair. So, here i am on the first day of not washing and i want to freak out, and yes i showered and rinsed my hair like they suggest-it is still gross.

Here is to a new adventure, we'll see how long i can do it for. i think i am going to go buy some dry shampoo right now.