Wednesday, December 10, 2008


First I have to talk about my little kitties and their sleeping habits and then I will tell you about the crazy dream I had last night.

My cats always always always sleep with me, which is one of my favorite things about them. The other morning I woke up and Reuben was resting next to my body in my arm and Phineas was on the pillow by my head with his own head pressed against my face and his paw on my cheek. I almost died of happiness and again asked myself why I ever even get out of my bed. Then, last night both of them were on the pillow next to me. Reuben was the right next to me and Phinny next to him. I would alternate between petting them, but apparently Phineas got jealous of Reuben and he climbed right on top of him. The crazy thing was that Reuben let him stay there and the two of them just purred and purred until I fell asleep. I love my kitties!

Okay, now for the dream. There was a pregnant lady, who happened to be Addison Shepard, in an office building. She suddenly collapsed and it was determined that the only way to get the baby out was to do this radical procedure where they amputated her body at the chest and also amputated her arms, then took the twin babies out of her womb. While they were doing the surgery there was this creepy anesthesiologist who kept coming into the OR and putting a baggy under her body to catch the dripping blood for the surgery that he was in. Okay, that is totally SICK. Once the babies had been delivered and the mom had recovered, the doctor discovered that the babies were born with a full set of teeth except they all looked like molars so the doctor started to file them down. The thing was we never saw the face of the doctor until he comes to the mom (remember she is just a chest and head) to tell her that her babies are half dinosaur. When we see his face we see that he has the same bazaar teeth-dun dun DUN!!!!!

ps I just found out that Elder Wirthlin died...I hate Texas!

Another one bites the dust

"Oh, it didn't work out." I have often thought about that phrase and how odd it is. It really only works out if a couple gets married in the end, right? Maybe? You guessed it, yesterday I got the big "I think you are beautiful and I am attracted to you, but I just don't see this going much further." The truth is I was fighting off similar feelings, but put them away as just anxiety of going into another relationship, but it still hurts to be dumped. After a good cry, I realized that although 'it' may not have 'worked out' in the normal sense I think that this is how things are suppose to work, and so yes, it did work out and here is why:
  1. I had a good time with him
  2. I am still me. I didn't lose any part of me in this, and most importantly he didn't take any part of who I am, if anything he lifted me up
  3. He made me feel beautiful (and told me I was) without making me feel like that is all I was or that is all he wanted from me
  4. He was respectful of my requests and communicated openly about them
  5. He actually broke up with me
  6. ...he loved my cats:)

So, yeah it worked out, because this time I will be okay...I am okay.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring...

On April 28, 2006 my life changed. I haven't felt like a performer has deserved a standing ovation since that day (keep in mind at BYU the standing O is given to everyone) Well, here is the exciting news: I get to experience that exhilaration of be thrust to one's feet by the emotions that come from music alone with out knowning what is happening at the end of a piece all over again, like the thrill of a first kiss. Yes,Joshua Bell is coming to Houston in January and I just bought tickets. I can hardly contain myself, literally.

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