Saturday, September 27, 2008

It only comes but twice a year...

New York Fashion Week, that is. And this year was no exception to the normal excitement, celebrity buzz, and fabulous clothes. Here is a little taste of what I loved and a little of what I could have lived without.

For years my favorite designer has been Oscar de la Renta and for good reason. Year after year, season after season he turns out amazing collections that seem to capture the complete essence of what I want to look like when I grow up, or at lest dress up. This season was no exception and I give the best collection award to him.

Now, if you will fondly remember last season's Carolina Herrera collection (Fall 2008,) it was nothing short of amazing, but the extremely long feathers in riding caps really through me off. Luckily this season she not only had an delicious collection, but the most georgeous hair I have ever seen in recent years on the runway. Seriously, everday since I watched the show I have worn my hair in some modification of what was seen on her runway. Simply feminine and delightful.

Normally I love the simplicity of the Calvin Klein Collection. This spring something went terribly wrong. He was true to his colors, literally. For the spring collection he usually goes with a nude/neutral pallet which is beautiful, but the simplicity that normally makes the CK collection so beautiful and true to the feminine form was lost in bizaar geometric forms like this one:

I was going to comment on my favorite makeup and such, but I can't really decide, so I will tell a story instead. Gather round children. Far, far away in the great state of Texas nobody ever wears brown mascara and therefore it is nearly impossible to purchase in the store. A young lady, by the name of Emilee was absolutely heartbroken when she could not hunt down a tube of Maybelline Full and Soft mascara in brown, so she settled for brown black...what a horrible mistake! The mascara was clumpy, dry, and irritated her sensitive eyes day after day (not to mention the shade did nothing for her baby blues) until she had finally had enough. Emilee decided that she would try a new mascara: Cover Girl Exact Lash. The verdict- LOVE,LOVE, LOVE!!!! She was in love<3> But what I really want is the new Givenchy mascara, I have been eyeing it for months.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I just figured out what "Y2K" stands for. Enlightening, really.

Monday, September 8, 2008

La Vida es Sueno

I had a dream the other night that was more poignant than most of my dreams of late:
It was the right after graduation in the Marriott center and all of us were rushing out to find our families and proceeding up the spiral ramps and over to the ASB parking lot. Everybody looked the same in their black gowns and caps, smiling because of their accomplishments and although I was with Melanie and Sterling I was frantic. You see this was also the night I was getting married and we were in a huge hurry to get to the temple to take pictures, get married and have the reception. So, the three of us were pushing the crowd. I was wearing a wedding dress and holding a bouquet of wilted lilies (I hate lilies.) When we finally made it to the temple and found my family (there were several other wedding parties) we all started taking pictures. The only problem was He wasn't there and everybody kept asking me when he was going to get there, because not even His family knew. Every time I had to explain that He would be there right before the ceremony it killed me inside and the tears started to form in my tear ducts. It killed me because I had to make excuses for him yet again and it killed me because he didn't care about the things that were important to me, like the pictures with family and friends. I decided that I wanted to take pictures anyway, so I took them with my family and with my friends while everybody ate what was described to me as the "variety pack" of pizza, which had all the norms plus weird combos like pepperoni with hard-top chocolate sauce. While we were taking pictures another party was setting up their reception (somehow we weren't actually at the temple anymore) and they had the most amazing decorations in the world and the bride had exactly the dress I wanted. I had exactly the dress I don't want and when my mom saw me eyeing their d├ęcor she told me I had some "3-D" decorations at my reception which were actually just dress forms wearing Victorian dresses. We continue to wait for Him and I continue to make excuses for why He isn't there yet.
…and then I wake up - crying.