Friday, September 11, 2009

Ode to Pumpkins

I haven't posted kitty pictures in a really long time. They all are of phineas because he is much more photogenic than reuben. I think it is because he has the white patches of fur to set off the grey, whereas reuben is just a solid indistinguishable grey form (but very very cute.) To make up for the lack of reuby-booby pictures let me just tell you how adorable he is. every morning as soon as my alarm goes off he starts crying for me "meow, meow, meow" and doesn't stop until i say to him "come here, dear." At this point he jumps on the bed and rubs his face against mine. What a wonderful way to wake up.

I call this one "yoga phinny." I left my mat out and when i came back in the room phineas was in child's pose on the mat.

In case you couldn't tell Reuben is on the left and phineas is the one with his eyes closed. They love to cuddle and look out the window.

"Phin in a Bin" Honestly, what is with cat's obsession with confined spaces? I recently found Phineas in the highest cabinet in the kitchen...with the door closed. I don't even know how he got up there, let alone in there.

I was painting my chairs and Phineas watched me the entire time...until he fell asleep.

Ava (age 2) said to me, "I like yours kitties." "Thanks, I like your kitty too." "NO!" Why can't I like your kitty?" "Because she's fat."

Go Fightin' Sandcrabs!!!!

Five months later and it finally happened. I am soon to be an employed member of society again. I got a teaching position at Calhoun High School, home of the sandcrabs, teaching five chemistry classes. I will likely start work on Tuesday after I fill out all of that paperwork business. I am so excited, a little nervous, but mostly excited. And just think-I might get to chaperon prom...

Now i need some teacher clothes.

ps those of you who know my password to things like this, feel free to change my layout, i am getting sick of it and i want something more interesting