Sunday, November 30, 2008

An Attitude of Gratitude...yes, yes, yes!

This post is late for the normal Thanksgiving-type post, but I don't really care because I can be grateful whenev, right? RIGHT! So, the first thing i am thankful for are lists. They make organizing so much easier and blogging, therefore the rest of this post will be a list of other things i am grateful for.

*Family. obvi, but still, my family is pretty much the best and i haven't laughed as hard as i have this weekend for a long time

*Kitties. I just realized that "the blog" doesn't even know about Reuben even though i have had him since august. But since i talk to pretty much all of you on a regular basis you know about my two dears that make me happier than almost anything else.

*Friends. I love the way Melanie always follows through on our ridiculous antics and encourages me to be the person she knows i am and how Allison has the perfect quote or scripture to lift my spirits. It amazes me that Sterling manages to call me just at the right time, when I feel like I can't take another step alone and how it feels like Andrea is holding my hand from 1500 miles away.

*The Gospel. I couldn't make it without my testimony.

*Plastic. Not only does plastic make life much more convenient, it also pays my salary and in these troubling times i am grateful for a good job that i enjoy.

*Carpools. my carpool ROCKS! it saves me a ton of money, miles on my car, and the company has been a blessing in my life. I just remembered one of my favorite things that Brian has said. This summer we were walking outside together at the plant and I said, "Holy cow, it is freaking hot today!" His response, "Close your eyes and it won't seem so hot."

*Nevada. Home is where your mommy is, also the mountains...

*Texas. yep, i said it. there are things that i do like...I'm having a hard time thinking of them right now, but they do exist-mostly the people that i have met, though. All i know is that i am supposed to be there and that is good enough for me.

*satellite radio *cardigans *really great sales *lotion *babies *tights *catnip *the litter-robot *the perfect Christmas present *books *Primary *lavender *yoga (yo-ja) *violin *byu *the Gap * airplanes *dry shampoo *mexico tipico *hugs

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Pinch...and then a Poke.

Growing up in the home of a registered nurse has it's pros and cons. Pro: there always seems to be just the right medicine for your ailment in the cabinet. Con: you get desensitized to "medical talk" and it sometimes makes it's way into everyday conversation, when it REALLY shouldn't. Pro: access to home topical lidocaine. Con: flu shots. Pro: knowing basic anatomy and disease diagnostics without ever taking a class. Con: the kitchen island and overhead fluorescents easily become the family operating table. Which brings me to my point, that cold stone island is the source of many traumatizing events in the lives of my siblings and myself. From the time Rachel had to have raisins extracted from her nose with needle nose pliers (I think they call them forceps in the OR) to the howling pain of the tiniest sliver being wiggled out of my finger after I had let it fester for a week. For some strange reason I have been thinking a lot about that table-island- lately and all of those experience. Often I would wait and wait and wait after I got a splinter in my hand or foot before confessing to my mom that I needed help getting it out, even though I knew it would feel much better. In the mean time the surrounding area would swell, bleed, and extrude pus until finally I admit I needed help (not always voluntarily -"easy way or hard way?") and succumb to the tweezers, needles, alcohol and other medical things that I was too afraid to look at.

I think that the until about a month ago I have had a gigantic sliver in my heart that has stung, ached and bled. I wanted the wound it made upon entry to heal, I prayed to have it heal…it tried to heal, but it couldn't because the sliver was still there. Then a month ago I got that D email and I couldn't take it any more. I just couldn't hurt anymore and I let the sliver come out. It felt like I crawled up on the island (I think I took the "hard way," though) and through the Atonement my heart was literally changed. I won't say that there is no longer an open wound, because there most definitely is, but now it can heal the way it was suppose to six months ago.

PS I am not saying a little Neosporin ever hurt anything, either:)
PPS Plus, I can safely listen to 80's music again-dance party, anyone?