Thursday, January 14, 2010


This week we are taking first semester finals.

"Ms. Haines, before we start I have to tell you that I am wearing your underwear."

He meant to say that he was wearing Hanes brand underwear, but it came out completely wrong. It is moments like that that I love my job and am grateful there wasn't an administrator in my class observing.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Dress

Over christmas my mom, natalie and i piled in the car and drove to utah for 36 hours. the original intent was to go shopping for a wedding dress, but as i started to look at my options online i didn't find any that matched what i really had in mind. Of course, last october when my dearest friend sophia edwards got married and i saw her dress i loved hers and because life is the way it is i couldn't buy one like hers because her mother made it. Well, i decided to ask sister edwards to make me a dress like sophia's and she said yes!!! so, instead of driving to utah to buy a dress we went to get measured and pick out fabric. Here is a picture of Sophia in her dress, mine will be pretty much exactly the same, except a bow in the back and a slightly different lace (and much less statuesque, when i tried sophia's dress on it looked like there was a train in the front too)

Here is a close up of my lace over the dress material: