Friday, March 19, 2010

In the morning

Well, really in 34 hours, but technically it is only one day from the day that I tie the knot. It is 2:00 am and i can't sleep. Most definitely not cold feet, but the mental list was too much. I had to get up and write some things down in hopes that i could get back to sleep. well here i am a bowl of chocolate brownie icecream later. so, here are some of my thoughts...

*yesterday, I got to go to the temple with three of my aunts, my parents, my sweet julian and his parents. there is nothing quite like that. I have never seen my family look so beautiful and i can't wait until my youngest sister gets married and we can all be in the temple together. It is where we are suppose to be.

*I am so grateful for the support that my family and friends have given me. all of my aunts and uncles will be at the wedding and most of my dearest friends will be there. I couldn't ask for more.

*I am sick and i want to feel better...i think i am starting to, but i am pretty sure i will still have the scratchy man voice on saturday-nice! "oh, emilee. you look so pretty." "thanks (insert smokers cough)" yeah, really attractive.

*Julian's mom wants us to do the garter toss at the valley reception...still thinking about that one

Today is going to be fun, we are arranging the flowers, all my friends are coming in and we are going to party tonight...hopefully i can get some more sleep.

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