Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It has finally happened

I new this day would one day come. One of my students has requested my friendship on facebook. what am i supposed to do? What about all those pictures of me as a spice girl in college? or making out with my boyfriend? I need advice

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Allison said...

That is a tough one. I personally believe in maintaining certain professional boundaries. But I suppose that it depends on the situation. I would obviously never add or accept a friend request from a therapy client. But I am friends with one of the guys in my coding class. And if students add me in the fall when I teach 240...I'd probably accept. But its college and the power differential isn't as important.

In your situation, I'd advise against it. But I think you could go either way and it be okay. The students would probably love your spice girls picture and adore you even more, but they could potentially use stuff against you if they wanted.

Also, I think you're awesome.